A Little Story of Fame & Fortune…

So, what do fame & fortune mean for you?

Do you immediately go with ‘spotlight and riches’? Does your mind start to toy with famous people with vaults of cash & jewels? Or perhaps are you on the track of recognition and wealth?

I have found the word wealth to be a wonderful representation of so much more than just money. Wealth of the mind; wealth in wisdom; wealth of family, friends and human connections are all great samples of abundance thinking. Recognition is something I believe we all strive for, whether it be from a stage or simply in appreciation of a small task.

When you put the right spin on your paradigms you get to tap into all the positive emotions of joy, happiness and sheer excitement!

This brings us to the purpose of putting “A Little Story…” out to the Universe.

The fame & fortune title is a representation of how a few simple words can provide so much in the way of our thinking – and also how this concept only scratches the surface on what it means toward the direction you take in life.

Too deep for opening paragraphs? Well, let’s bring it back to simple context.

Rather than posting a few sentences to social media and having you guess where it comes from, I feel inspired to share a bit more of the whole story.

Also, when you get to the end I have an invitation for those of you who would either like to take a journey with me, or at least support me along the way.

*On some counts, I consider this a journal entry. Again, putting it out to the Universe. I’ve had tremendous results lately in doing this… So I’ma gonna keep doin’ it!

Whether you know me through family connections; my professional life with Premiere; through volunteering with Progress Club; or the ‘old-school’ days… if you have spent any amount of time with me, I feel confident in saying you can describe me as having a positive mindset; easy going; and also a man of achievement.  Those who know me well can also tell you I’m a big kid at heart, I love a great party, I’m not afraid of the dance floor, and my smile is usually what enters the room first!

All of these traits make up a big part of the foundation that is propelling the next phase of my life. But before we get there, a bit more about the previous phases and how they lead me to the road less travelled.

Following six years of university and two degrees (Business, then Education) and a two-year stint teaching in South Korea (where I really learned what it means to be in the Rat Race!), I came back to start a wonderful career as a substitute teacher.  To this day, I still express gratitude for a menial substitute-teacher’s salary. It certainly left the door wide open for my entrepreneurial blood to change temperature!

Now, if you would have asked me at the time why I was all fired up from the business workshops and seminars I started attending, you would have seen quite a few novice-entrepreneurialism traits. However, there certainly wasn’t a doubt as to whether I had the if-opportunity-knocks-are-you-gonna-open-the-door? kind of traits.

Deciding to get on the train was the first step, AND there was still an element of finding my way and navigating the learning curve.

In one of the workshops I attended, the presenter held up a book with the statement, “Even if you get nothing else from this seminar, follow my advice and go get this book!” So I did. I consumed it in less than three days. Light bulbs flashed and a new path started.

Fast-forward ten years and my life included a history of multiple mentors; coaches; personal development seminars/books/webinars/games etc. I completed the Chamber’s Halifax Future Leaders program; extensive real estate investing education (with successful implementation); I held – and still hold – executive positions with a 50 year-old, prominent volunteer organization; and also maintain shareholder positions in reputable, local companies.

Working toward the seven-year financial goal set when I was 33, the path was relatively well laid out and I had confidence I would get there.  As I found myself approaching the expiry of my goal (and knowing I would achieve it), a new challenge began to take much of my headspace.

“If I know I can achieve my goals, and I have learned and practiced what it means to do so… what does the next goal look like?”

And I have to admit – I was stuck.

“If I have the power to achieve absolutely anything… whatever it is, it had better speak to my head and my heart” is what I then found myself repeating.

While this pondering took place (over approx. 18 months), I experienced significant changes in my personal life. And without delving into said changes, I will say that my main focus was to continue generating positive energy and allow for learning to take place. At the same time, awareness of the effects on what I had strived for (previous goal) still managed to seep in.

Giving space for the awareness and learning was the best thing I knew how to do.

So I did it.

*Side note: Positive Energy is the best medicine for any and all challenges (in my humble opinion)

So the ‘What’s Next’ brings us to the current year. Clarity emerges and vagueness dissipates.   (And it’s kinda fun to mention that the last two digits of this year just happen to be my favorite number and this is also the beginning of the next decade in my life!)

With the Universe responding to my ‘what’s next?’ I realized – and then decided – it is time to share with others much of the business/money/mindset knowledge I have acquired and practiced over the last 10+ years.

While my professional expertise in the commercial moving and storage world will continue to be a mainstay, I am also now answering the new, burning questions of “How do I find more individuals that are inspired to create amazing things in their own lives?” and “What can I do to instill inspiration and belief for them?”

The result: become a Professional Success Coach.

*Side note #2 - I start to giggle a little when I think back to studying a business degree and then an education degree, and the 'not-knowing' thought of "I wonder how these two (not-so-related-at-the-time) disciplines will work for me in the future?" :-)

Reflecting on the leaps and bounds I have taken, I can relate each instance to the influence of – or inspiration from – a mentor or coach. I have thought for many years, “Someday, I want to give to others what this person has given to me!”

Well, now is that someday.

Actually, my children symbolize glorious examples and fuel my drive to share this knowledge with others. They have absorbed many of the key mindset teachings I started instilling when they were learning to speak. As pre-teens I am still ‘Daddy’ to them, and yet they already grasp the power of language, the choice they have in the words they use, and how it affects their subconscious mind!

I firmly believe that professional training is a key ingredient to hone the skills of effecting change. So the decision to enroll in a reputable and qualified coaching program was the next step. And that’s what I’ve done.

Now that I’m on this road, and deciding that now is the right time to act on inspired thought; I am searching for individuals that wish to create change and growth in their lives. Yes, I want to start working with you right away!

So, wrapping up with the same question that we started with, 'What do fame and fortune mean to you?' - I guess we can also ask "What words do you choose to focus on?" and what do they mean for your present and future?

I do look forward to receiving thoughts / support / any feedback that comes from this. If you wish to have a conversation about any of it – well, that’s also part of the intent in putting this out there. I want to have more conversations about it!

To those who are ready to take action with your own journey, I invite you to consider:

How can a game make you wealthy?

  • Interactive learning designed by financial experts
  • See how business, investing and real estate is 'played' by the rich
  • Explore new ways to examine your own portfolio
  • A relaxed environment and small group setting to explore money talk.  
  • We can even do snacks and treats!

Why $20 to play a game?  Because the intended learning you will gain is that investing in yourself may just be the best Return On Investment ever!

Money may not be the most important – but it is the most impactful on each area of our lives. Begin your next steps in recognizing the saboteurs that keep you from attracting abundance!

To those who do take time to provide feedback, I thank you in advance.

Please also support me in my efforts, and thank you for liking my Facebook page!

Yours in abundance. Yours in prosperity.


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